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Motivationally Speaking: Star Wars

Putting the cart before the horse. Or, when my friends and I sit around talking about all things nerd: learning the order that they visit the planets in Star Wars before actually ever watching the movies.

This quote precipitated from the eloquently worded question: “Why does school suck so much?” To which the Star Wars quote was the answer.

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I thought about this longer than I probably should have, but it really makes sense to me. Why do I have the order of the planets in Star Wars memorized?

Why, for that matter, do I know the names of all the Imperial officers that Darth Vader strangles?

While we’re at it, why the hockey sticks do I know that the B-Wing was developed with its rotating cockpit in order to facilitate Mon Calamari pilots who had need to maintain a constant sense of up and down in order to remain oriented during battle due to their unque evolution on a water planet?

Finally, how is it possible that I am married?

The point is that I really really like Star Wars. My trivia knowledge has come from an initial love of the media and then subsequent decades of obsession.

Star Wars has a plot, and, oh, is it well done. Star Wars has it all: mysteries, continuity, and an ingenious use of the heroic epic form.

So, why is it that my students can’t remember how, when, or why we would ever want to set an equation equal to zero?

I think the answer is obvious, don’t you? And (since I’m in the business of starting sentences with conjunctions today) I’m happy to note that the curricular implementation of the answer isn’t that far off.

[If you don’t feel like taking this down an educational road, please just leave your most obscure Star Wars trivia in the comments. I love you, in advance.]

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Shawn Cornally • February 13, 2011

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